Innovation & Cost Reduction

With more than 50 years of combined manufacturing engineering experience, the team at eCMMS is focused on recommending and delivering operational improvements that reduce costs for our customers, improve productivity and drive innovation.

Reducing costs

We’re always looking around the corner to help our clients stay ahead of new technologies and find opportunities for operational improvement. We consistently operate in a continuous improvement environment and strive to ensure our clients save on short- and long-term costs.

Labor utilization, working capital / inventory, equipment efficiencies, and scrap cost are significant cost drivers to our business. Measurements include cost variance to standard per process or job, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), yield and labor tracking measures. These cost management techniques are engrained in the eCMMS culture and are the measure of success. Proven year over year cost/price reductions.

3D printing / Additive manufacturing

The current business environment requires manufacturing firms to be flexible, ever-expanding and take advantage of all available technologies to remain competitive. We offer 3D printing/additive manufacturing services to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, remain nimble and quickly respond to customer needs.

3D printing brings a revolutionary approach to manufacturing, providing three key advantages:

  1. Shorter lead time
  2. Design freedom
  3. Lower costs

Learn how our 3D printing services can help your business save costs and remain competitive

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing